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Targetiv provides end-to-end WordPress solutions from WordPress design to development, full data migration, performance and long-term guidance and maintenance. We offer various service options and solutions for start-ups, small to mid-size businesses and marketing agencies.

Why WordPress?

We all love WordPress and so will you. The WordPress platform is renowned for easy content management, e-commerce product management and seamless integration into many automation platforms. Responsive website is not option today, it’s a must.  From personal blog to large e-commerce solutions we have chosen WordPress as the platform, as many other agencies also.


Designed to Engage

It’s getting tougher for designers and developers to keep users staying in the website. In order to make your website useful, relevant and valued you ‘have’ to think about engagement;so it delights and hence reduce bounce rate. We put ourselves in end-users shoes to feel the expectation and experience, be it desktop or smart phones.
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Built to Perform

Performance- is one of the biggest predictors of app successful website. To ensure your idea doesn’t turn into a bad story, we take website development process to the next level. By reducing website response time, optimizing images, testing in different devices and implementing security and malware blocker- you get is a stunning website experience.

Complete WordPress Development solutions you will need


Design to WordPress

We will convert your design to a fully functional and dynamic WordPress website. Development process follows industry best practices. In terms of pricing, it's bit higher than customizing a ready theme. It gives more flexibility when custom features and very lightweight wordpress website is the primary requirement.


Theme Customization

Tons of ready themes are there! You have chosen a theme or need help choosing a theme for your business/idea? Let us help you with that. After finalizing the theme we will customize as per your requirement and ensure it gives the optimum performance. It's cost savvy sometime when you find that theme have the features/ facilities you need.


WordPress Optimization

Slow WordPress sites get lower Google rankings and loose customers. Let us take all the headaches, hassle and pain out of you to speeding up your WordPress website. We'll take your site from frustratingly slow, to a logical loading time. Save time, rank higher, increase conversions and sell more with our WordPress speed optimization service.


WordPress Management Made Easy

Having just a website is not the end. Keeping it safe and well maintained is must as well. We will keep your WordPress websites updated and secured! Let us offload all the pain and hassles of your shoulder to manage, ensure security, protecting spam and timely backup of your WordPress website.

Best practices

Attention to Website Performance

To stay competitive online, you have to pay attention to your website speed. You should have a website that’s free of messy codes and images are properly optimized. Website performance impacts your visitor retention rate.

Attention to Security

Launching a website should not be the end goal, don’t overlook a critical component: website security. Cyber attacks may cause you a costly clean-up, discourage visitors, send alarms to search engines, damage your business reputation.

Using Optimized Images

We all want to have beautiful pictures in our website. And it’s a necessity in many cases specially for e-commerce. But if impacts in site loading time, you will loose the visitors for whom you have created the website. Optimized images helps in page load speed improvement, websites’ SEO rank boosting and improves user experience.
Convenient UI Elements Literally there is no limitation to put anything in a website. But it does not mean we should include unnecessary sections, pop-ups, buttons, videos where ever we like. UI elements should serve the right purpose for both you and the visitors.

Avoid Unnecessary Plugins

We use plugins to manage and implement complex tasks that will require a code heavy effort if we do it raw. Plugins usage should be limited to utmost necessary only as it impacts website performance and may introduce security vulnerability.

Responsiveness & Compatibility

A mobile responsive website is must now a days. Non responsive websites are considered out dated regardless of how beautiful it looks. Also besides common browsers, people use many other less known browsers. Having a website compatible to those will increase your website traffic nothing else.
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