Every project is unique to us but approach is same for each one. To ensure you get expected results, we have got processes in place.

This is project introduction stage. We explore your expectations and the ideas(if any) you have. Assist you to make a clean brief, then dig deeper to identify achievable best solution. Email is the preferred communication method in this stage. When you decide to work with us, we get together to create a detail brief with assumptions and constraints.

Objective of this stage is to define project scope, technical requirements and milestones. We use in -house project management tool to manage them so that you can keep track of progress and changes happening. You will have full control over approval.

In this stage your project starts to get a face. Based on your information, industry trends, customers and competitors we will create the visual/s and design guidelines for your approval.

In this phase, we start working on approved visual/s and ensure it looks as expected. Based on your review feedback we adjust (if necessary) so that it performs the way you want to be.

Our QA team will work through the checklist before it goes live. We will need you to have a look thoroughly and let us know if any feedback is there. Once all are in place, we move it to live.

After making it live, we will be there for any urgent bug fixes. We will share documentation, including video instructions so that you can reference from them for any updates/fixes. Then it’s you to decide if our support is needed. And lastly, we are not going to say you goodbye once project is done – we’ll be here for any help and advice.

What to expect from us?

Quality checked delivery

It’s challenging to find a partner who can consistently provide quality delivery. Our slick project management and quality control process will ensure to get a high standard work.

On time, On budget

In last three years, we’ve helped many businesses with numerous deliverables and have a good understanding on how long may they take. Work with us, each time you will get the project done on time-on budget.

WordPress experts

One third of the websites on the internet powered by WordPress. WordPress holds 60% market share of known CMS. It’s wise decision to partner with a team who knows every aspect of WordPress development, customization, deployment and management.

Support you will love

Regardless of you worked with us previously or not, we offer ongoing support to you or your partners. We are here for your WordPress website security monitoring, performance optimization, updating core files, add/remove new contents/features.

Our favorite tools

We use the tools that are top of the market to bring your ideas into reality. Our careful selection of tools makes sure that your ideas are executed with the highest level of efficiency.
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How We Work 3
How We Work 4
How We Work 5
How We Work 6

Engagement Models

Every client has unique needs and different ways are required to fulfill them. We offer several business models for this very reason. Each of the models has been designed to offer maximum benefits to clients.
The project based model is where you do a piece of work, and then charged for that piece of work for a set fee. Based on client requirement Targetiv quotes for the project including timeline. Assigned project manager plays the role of bridge between design/development team and client till project ends.
This model enables clients to utilize the infrastructure and manpower of Targetiv to execute their projects. This model overcomes to meet client’s aggressive deadlines, resource management, extensive project processes to meet different delivery needs. Extraordinary cost benefits when compared to the cost of an equivalent onsite team. Additional benefits to the customer in terms of reduced infrastructure required, to seat, connect and manage an onsite team.